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Where do You Start? Start with Your Credit!

When you look for a mortgage, lenders will review your credit report. Your credit report is a history of how you have managed your finances and repaid debt. It provides information on money you have borrowed and a history of your payments. Your credit history is pulled together into a credit report by three private …

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Can You Afford to Buy a House?

While everyone would like to live the American Dream of buying and owning a Home, it is important to understand all the costs involved in buying and owning a home. Many potential buyers sometimes forget to factor in the down payment, homeowners insurance and the possibility of depreciation, as well as the costs associated with …

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Why Should You Own a Home?

Some people like the flexibility that comes with renting. When you rent, you can live in a neighborhood for as little or as long as you want. You’re also free of most maintenance responsibilities – your landlord usually handles repairs. Of course, there are many other reasons owning a home can be beneficial. These are …

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When Buying a Home Determine Your Needs…

Before you begin house hunting, create a realistic “shopping list” to narrow your search. Looking for a home can take time, especially if you have not focused on what is most important. Create a “wish list” and a “must have” list. Many people focus more on “wants” than “needs.” As a result, they sometimes reject …

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Showing Your Home

Be Ready to Show at All Times Sellers should be aware that same-day and even last-minute requests for showings are common. You should always be ready for a showing, so keep your home organized and clean. Tell the kids to put their toys away when they are done playing and make sure you don’t let …

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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

When agents are showing your home to a prospective buyer, sellers often wonder should they stay or should they go? Some reasons sellers want to stay are because they think agents and buyers won’t be able to find everything, that they must be there to point out important features. Truthfully, most just want to be present …

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A Good First Impression Helps Sell Your House

It can’t be overstated; when it comes to buying a house, the first impression is everything. If you’re selling or getting ready to sell in the coming months, one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression is through paint. Fresh paint makes your house look clean, bright, and inviting. Painting …

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Fixed or Adjustable?

Choosing between a fixed rate or adjustable rate loans is the single most important nail-biter of a decision you’ll ever make when choosing a mortgage. The mortgage formula — the method used to determine how much you pay based on your interest rate — is the same for both types of mortgages. What differs is …

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